It’s almost 3 years I’ve lived as a student in SMAN 6 Yogyakarta. Having fun experience and many friends is better than anything in high school. Although in my first impression when I became a new student it was like “Must I go to school?” or “Is it a school?” because it wasn’t suitable with my expectation. I thought what better for me is a favorite school. But for now, it feels if being here is a best way.

How my class now is so different enough from the last one, although there are some friends that still become my classmates. I think we are more interest and friendly than before.

Oh, and now in class I sit together with Kikin as known as Kinanthi. Woah! She is truly korean drama lover, and sometimes feels interested with documentation of National Geographic. Kikin likes to show me so many video streaming, including vlog etc. I was really grateful because of her I’ve done watching Descendant of  The Sun drama. It was a refreshing in the middle of buziness when doing our tasks. Seeing a carming soldier like Yoo Si Jin is better than a vitamin actually.

Oh my God, sorry for washing your time with such embarrasing words. Actually in the beginning I’m confused what I must tell you guys, I just wanna say hi to you with some different words, yeah, English language ( Actually It is for learning to me truly ). But for now, I have known what story that I must share to you. A crazy story, I got it this morning!

I’m used to be late when going to school, yeah it was like this morning. Alhamdulillah, so lucky, I got a seat friend ( in Indonesia it means “teman sebangku” sorry I just can’t explain it to English well, just please read it “seat” not others, you really know what I mean actually ). Yeah, Kinan, my seat friend. She always come to school before me, she is earlier than me. So everyday she will choose best seat for us in the class and wait for me.

When I was coming today, she made me shocked about her crazy dream last night. Oh my God!

In her dream, I was married by a cool man who actually Kinan’s friend in her swimming club. Woah, daebak! I’m still 17 years old by the way, I couldn’t stop to ask to her, “Is it true? Seriously?”

Honestly I never met with all Kinan’s friend in that club hahaha, how can I do marriage with one of them? Woah, it was really crazy dream!

Kinan told me that the marriage was held at my school, it meant all people in school was there. I could’t suppose what would they talk to me or they thought about me. And how about the teachers? Woah, how dare me ( in her dream ) said yes when the man ( or may be a little boy ) was proposing me. But something that I couldn’t forget from the marriage is so many foods in that event, Chinese foods until Indonesian foods, all of them was there! Kinan said that my husband was a Chinese, and I just said, “Whoaaaa! Chinese swimming athlete!”

I didn’t want to say if this dream has no reason. Because before this day, I ever told Kinan about a character in one of my favorite korean drama, School 2015. It’s Han Yi An. Hehehe he is great and handsome swimming athlete. I just said to her, “Oh, suppose if I have imam ( in Islam sometimes we like to call our husband with “imam” as you know leader in shalah ) like him!”

Actually this dream was really crazy. So. So crazy.

But, I was really happy, no matter who was my imam, I will be happy. Surely, may be someday I wanna share this story to my truly husband. I just feel if in that time he will be laugh! And when seeing his smile, I will say inside my heart, “Oh my God, so nice!” Ah, it will be so romantic.

Yogyakarta, 1 September 2016

Pict: A memory from 2 years ago at Masjid Kampus UGM