I miss you, Hims, and dont you know best place to pay the missing?

I am done with running from problems and fears.
I am done with too much thinking about something unimportant.
I am done with being not what should I be.
I am done with all crazy things that I say, I do, I am proud of, but they are fake.
I am done with making a failed smile just because I really want to have while I am sad actually.
I am done with crying.
I am done with dancing in mind, but being silent in the real life.
I am done with saying blablabla and do nothing.
I am done with thinking that I have done so many things.
I am done with being arrogant.
I am done with talking how cool I am or I was.
I am done with arguing the others opinion because of the thinking that I am better.
Oh my Allah,
I am done!
I am really done!

And I build something new in my heart, I want to get nearer with YOU. Everytime in every way. When I am sad, also when I am happy. I do not need running, crying, or anything that makes me crazier. I just need YOU, my Allah.

This negative thinking, I kill you. Bye!

Yogyakarta, 27 Jumadil Awal 1439