Wallahua’lam bis showwab. These are a little that I get in the class, not at all, but wish you reach the advantages. Hehe. It is not written because I am in leisure, but I just want to remember one by one topic in this class.

These are concept in Linguistic which was introduced by Ferdinand de Saussure, The Father of Linguistic. He was a lecture in Praha University. Book Dasar-Dasar Linguistik Umum by Soeparno tells that de Saussure’s students, Bally and Sahahaye, wrote about his thought as book in title “Course de Linguistique Generale” in 1916.

Then, Soeparno tells us, “Wujud ujaran seorang individu pada suatu saat tertentu disebut parole, sedangkan sistem yang bersifat sosial disebut langue. Paduan antara parole dan langue oleh de Saussure disebut langage.” (The shape of someone’s utterance in definite time is parole, whereas the social system is langue. The composit between parole and langue is called langange by de Saussure.)

“Langage is language. Langue is structured language. Parole is the product of language,” written on my paper. Hehe. It is the resulf of my group discussion.

Then, in the next meeting, my lecture, Pak Taufan, emphasized them.

Language (langage) is about universal system to commanication (including sign language), whereas languanges are all of languanges in this world. Both of them composite to build linguistics.

Here, I made a note what my lecture said before, a nice quote, “Language shapes us.” Still about language, it is one of the defining traits or characteristics of human kind.

  1. It is embedded into our physiology, our cognition, and our thought processes
  2. It is functional (tool of human communication)
  3. It is form of human social behavior
  4. Using language is an inherently interactional task

Yogyakarta, 5 Rabbiul Awwal 1439