Sebelum hari semakin banyak saja dan membuatku lupa, lebih baik segera kutumpahkan kenangan yang masih girang menyapa. PKTM III alias Pelatihan Kader Taruna Melati III, jenjang perkaderan pra-purna IPM (Ikatan Pelajar Muhammadiyah). Huh. Actually, every time when I write pra-purna, my fingers feel convulsive. I don’t understand why. But, the biggest possibility is my fear that I cannot approve my self, as a cadre. Huhu, allohu.

Because of explaining day by day will be so difficult for me, I think it is better to tell some best parts that are special and so unique. Aw! I begin with bismillahirrohmanirrohim, lillah, lillah.

I felt it on the bus when Ipmawan Nabhan, Ipmawan Fadhli, and I had left Jombor station. It is like dag dig dug. I was afraid about what I would face in Lampung. Huhah, it was not a comfortable feeling. Some moments brought me onto a question, “What is actually my intention?” I was really afraid. Perhaps I just would be more arrogant after this, and there would be nothing that I can get there. OH, NO! I was worried.

On the ship, I let the wind touched my skin, my body. Mmmm, felt so tranquil, I really want to get it one more, ehe, but I don’t know when it can be.

There, I tried to focus on a book that I had to read, but it is hard. My feeling had not been fixed. I was not sure, but probably it happened until I reached the island. Bismillah, alhamdulillah, those I could say.

=== MR. SUDARMAN ===
A car came to us at the bus station. One drove it, Mr Sudarman, Nabhan’s father. Hehe. He is a professor of Ushuludin faculty in University of Islamic State in Lampung. Before going to the location of PKTM III, we visited Nabhan’s house to prepare anything. And you know, there I could find so many books on a big shelf. Yeah, verily I am not a good and ferocious reader hehe, but it is just fyi. What catched my eyes might be only the novels, hoho. From what I heard, some books were gotten about 20-25 millions. Hmmm. Really, hmmm.

SD Muhammadiyah Pringsewu. Pringsewu is the name of the city, sounds like java? Yeah. Really java. I got pesimistic there, I don’t know why, it shouldn’t be and not usually. After several times, I tried to make some conversations and I did it! Having so many new friends! Uwww! Allohu, why are Thy so romantic? :”)

Some friends were interested because of my city, “Hey I am from Jogja!” and most of questions talked about “Waaaoooww, it is so far! Why do you want to come here?”

In the beginning, I just made relationship with some commitees and children from the school. Fyi, besides PKTM III, in this location there was also another event for IPM in schools. The name of that events was Secanting, mmm, the acronym of Sekumpulan Cabang dan Ranting (?) ups, sorry I forget. But, for the point, the event is about art performances from students in Pringsewu. Masya Allah, cutie! In that event I also learned that students here have a movie maker community, JPPP (read as jey pi tri), you can see their creations on youtube. It is cool for me. Muehehe.

Ah, the first day was so romantic. I cannot say something anymore. May be it is also because my English words are scant, huhu. Sorry!

“You can call me HIMS!” Hehe. I don’t know from where the appelation came. But I like it. There were six girls who would become my partners till the end of this event. Yeay!

1. Bunda KD (Kade), a student of accounting faculty
2. Bunda Ina, our big sister with a tiny body, uwww
3. Bunda Uun (Kuntari), really knows about Java especially Jogja
4. Diah, a beautiful girl who remind me with someone sister, hehe
5. Nurma, a really beautiful girl, my twin, I like to call us “coffee, milk” original Lampung (?)
6. Luluk (Lutfia), our little sister hehe, she is still in 3 SHS waow

They are so kind, they have their own ways to make me feel waaooww. And there so many boys. May be in the next parts I will tell (insya Allah) all of them, ekyaaa, one more Insya Allah.

In this moment, we also had to decide two things :
1. Kontrak belajar (the class agreement)
2. Ketua kelas (the class captain)

I didn’t have any pictures about the atmosphere in this PKTM, but I believedthat it will be so different with both before. “We don’t need the class agreement,” shouted someone. “We have grown up. We have awareness in ourself.” And some people followed his will.

Actually I was the one who shouted loudly, “NEED!” when there was that wuestion. Uwww. I didn’t know what should I do. This class divided into two opinion, who needed and who didn;t. After several times, I think I had to say something. And I just began with, “Sorry, may be my knowledge is not really good as well as you guys. But let me tell my opinion.” Hahaha. That’s imaging. Might be. Hoho.

I just said what I thought it must be said. “I think we should make sure what our goals after this PKTM, we want to be what, we want to get what. And for reaching the goals, will we need the class agreement or not? As simple as that.” Yeah, actually I wanted to go on my suggestion, “Some people who need agreement, let’s make. Who don’t want, yeah, just close your eyes with this ruel.” But, I didn’t do that. Hehe.

But, because that discussion went so long, the facilitator finally joined and decided that we need a captain to solve this problem. And we chose. I think people here like to use dalil. I forget. QS An-Nisa…? Ar-rijalu…? Huh. The translation tells that the men should become the captain. Haduh. Duh. Duh. Astaghfirulloh. My knowledge had not been gone there. In the end, Hafizh Fadhillah became our captain yeayyy. In this moment, I thought we are in same grade. But, apparently, he is under me. Waooww. Ok. Felt lose again. Hmmm.

Don’t you know what materials that I would get? Omegat. Oh, my Allah! On the paper, there were 14 materials with awful titles. Huh. Only one material that was canceled, I don’t know why.

1. Misi Sosial Muhammadiyah (Social Mission of Muhammadiyah)
The speaker is Mr. Ma’ruf Abidin, the captain of MPK PWM Lampung. I like him and the way he motivated us. His note is, “Berpikir futuristik, bergerak realistik” or “Think futuristic, move realistic…?” Insya Allah, I am not sure with my translation. Hahaha. He reminded us about the spirit of KHA Dahlan in QS Al-Ashr and Al-Ma’un.

2. Islam Berkemajuan (Islam…? Ok, I am on the process to understand the meaning)
There are two speakers here, Mr. Akhmad Syukriy and Mr. Rohmat Santosa. We call them with ustadz, I don’t know, I just followed the others. May be the speakers have been well-known here. Hehehe. In this moment, my heart was dag dig dug. We talked so many things about islam, and I realized, I understand nothing :”( Huhu. With that condition, I had contradiction in some topics that they talked. Oh my Allah, forgive me. I am not in same way when one of them said his disagreement with music, women roles, etc. I don’t know why, mmm, or I know, but I can’t explain. May be because I am afraid that my understanding in Qur’an is still scant. Huehue. So, when there was opportunity to tell about that, I tried to be as honest as I can. Hehe that I had different opinion although I don’t have enough knowledge :”)

3. MKCHM / Matan Keyakinan dan Cita-cita Hidup Muhammadiyah (Hmm..?)
What I really remembered is that in pre-test, all of my questions cannot be answered. I just wrote, “Sorry, I haven’t known.” Huhu. I was really embarassed. But I don’t know. A fact that I have never been in Muhammadiyah school cannot be a reason of this. A Muhammadiyah cadre doesn’t understand about her identity, it is strange. Huwoooo.

4. Filsafat Ilmu (The phylosophy of science)
5. Filsafat Manusia (The phylosophy of human)
6. Ideologi IPM (The ideology of IPM)
7. Gerakan Sosial Baru (New Social Movement)
8. Generasi Z (Z Generation)
9. Manajemen Dakwah Medsos (The management of dakwah in socmed…?)
10. Analisis Sosial (Social Analysis)
11. Iman dan Kepekaan Sosial (Faith and Social Sensitivity)
12. Metodelogi Analisis Sosial (Metode of Social Analysis)
13. Diskusi dengan alumni (Discussion with alumni)

Oke, it is so many, Sahabat. We left it for now, I will finish them later.

The differences between Lampung and Jogja. Hmmm, I am thinking about this.

  1. About PKTM in IPM…. We often have forum group discussion (FGD) in this PKTM III, besides in Jogja, every sections will let persons to build some small group discussions (SGD). In this PKTM III, there are only one or two facilitator who will accompany us. Besides in Jogja, all facilitator should accompany their own groups in overall materials. Hehehe.
  2. A thing that usually I appelate sedotan, here we call it as pipet. Oh my Allah, it reminds me with one subject in SHS. Ehe.
  3. How they sit when eating. Hmmm, sangar.
  4. Social Analysis vs Appreciative Inquiry

I think it will be so many, but may be I haven’t gotten the ideas… Okey.

To be honest, I had underestimated with some people in this event. Astaghfirulloh, forgive me, Rabb. It happened for several times until I tried to open conversation with the others.

  • Talking after praying together
  • Make some strange jokes
  • Try to open about my feeling
  • Hear their stories, their experiences

Yeah. Telling and hearing. Make as much as we can, interactions.

I had spent 2 or 3 hours talking with Hafizh about advocacy, schools, university, IPM, life, etc. Barakallah, Fizh. I like to have another litle brother in different island hoho, it is cute. Wish you luck to get best way in university.

In a moment, after Ashar I think, I talked with Bunda Ina. She answered my wondering about women here who are really brave to wear big hijab. Hehehe. Hehe. He. Some of them even wear yashmak. Uwww. Sometimes, I feel so pesimistic. Huhu. Allohu, forgive me.

Then in the last night, I also make a conversation with some seniors like Ipmawan Rian and Ipmawan Reski. I learned so many things from them. Mas Rian with his experiences, Mas Reski with his characters. Oh my Allah. Here, they made me convulsive because I was called like Mbak Nisa omegat. Allohu, so far. But yeah, I have to learn from her too, may be.

Felt lose again and again.

I am agree with Ipmawan Fadhli when he said after the class, “The atmosphere is really serious. If there is no Arman, I think it will be as comfortable as this.” Arman, hahaha. If he knows I write about him here may be he will be baper hoho. Lol.

Ok, he is a simple boy with so many humors that can made us laugh. Yeah, he is funny. But in my oppinion, he still can manage, when and where he must do that. Alhamdulillah. I also appreciate all of his ways to respect to others. Although sometimes, I was upset with his ambitions hahaha, but yeah I tried to understand.

I don’t really know is it important or not to be told. But, it is nice I think. So, in the beginning of this event I cannot be comfortable to talk with him because he always made me as a joke. The others laughed, and I could imagine that may be I can too, but no. Huhah.

Until some days before the last, he told me. “Hims, don’t put it into your heart (actually it is not romantic conversation, but why in english become like this -_- he used java, oke). I just want to build up the class. Actually I have girlfriend, so all of these just for fun.”

Huh, alhamdulillah, I understood. After that, yeah, I felt better. Hehehe.

Yeay! Bunda Ani! She was the one who I called before going to Lampung. There was dag dig dug ser when I chatted her. I was affraid to do something wrong again with people from another island. Oh my Allah. Huahaha. Also, Mas Fadhli asked before we arrived, “Is she grumpy?” because her answer when he text was so brief. Hahaha.

But, when we met. Oh my Allah!

Hahaha, yeah, she is grumpy. But, also enjoyable! Yuhuu, alhamdulillah. I understood, she would be angry when we were late in coming to class, etc. Hahaha. She is kind, over all. And the important thing is, she is soooo beautiful. Uwww! Mmm, I don’t know, is it correct or not, but from what I heard… she will get married soon. Uwww. Me, when? :v Barakallah, Bunda Ani!

=== CALM, HIMS ===
I learned so many things. One of them is becoming calmer when overing arguments or opinions. I often become furious when speaking. Ya, it is good, but not always, I think. Hehe. I met with Mas Hasbi (one of the speaker) from Perkaderan PP IPM. He is really calm and relaxed to explain what he thinks. Hmmm. I as the listener felt so comfortable to hear what he said.

Then I also learned from Mas Reski, a student from Indonesia literature (you don’t need to confuse). He is really calm, more than Mas Hasbi I think. Her voice is low but it can make us try to listen as well as possible. It is why may be he is choosen as our captain of alumni. Yeayyy.

It is sooooo beautiful!!!!! VERY BEAUTIFUL, PLEASE BRING ME TO ANOTHER PLACE LIKE THIS AGAIN OR LIKE SEA WHEN I AM ON THE SHIP! Hueeeehueeee. Actually the views are not really different with places in Jogja. But because I seldom to play in Jogja, it is like first time for me to see this. Hmmm uwenak. 

=== MANY…… belum usai sampai di sini ===
I will think again and again. It have been night. There are so many lists :
1. Gramedia in Pringsewu
2. Interview for Social Analysis
3. Kultum (What is the english of kultum, please 🙁 i am tired)
4. Hot discussion with Mas Sodikin, hmm
5. My dark skin huehue
6. Singing lagu jari-jari, and then Arman made the other song wkwk
7. The wisdom of Mas Reski
8. Being Woken Up for Subuh Praying
9. Material from Mr. Sudarman (and Diah’s story, ekyaaa)
10. Luluk’s kultum (i still dont know the english for kultum, oke)
11. Singing indonesia raya together :”) please baper
12. Moving to SMA Muhammadiyah Pringsewu
13. Cooking until the morning

………. what’s more?

Yogyakarta, 19 Rabbiul Akhir 1439

diskusi dengan Mas Hasbi dan Mas Nurkholis. Nah di sini aku ngakak bats. Waktu Mas Hasbi nggak sengaja salah nyusun kalimat bilang, “…waktu itu salah satu istri saya…” dan diriku yang paling seru meminta kejelasan kalimat itu wkwkwk. Terus beliau jadi malu. Sebenernya aku juga malu tapi ndak kenapa malah niat banget mempermalukan diriku sendiri:”) lol. Gitulah. Wwkwk oiya, malah nggak bahas substansi diskusinya hehe. Intinya di sini adalah soal penguasaan IT untuk dijadikan salah satu media dakwah, gitu sih. Terus diriku sedikit menyesal karena tidak memenangkan keinginan untuk bertanya di forum pertama ini. Huh. Oke. Tapi hamdalahnya setelah sakit hati dan kekecewaan ini, aku diberi impuls untuk lebih aktif di forum-forum setelahnya. Oya btw waktu ini kan aku pakai kerudung motif surban hehe terus dijulukin putri palestina (nggak ngerti sih keterkaitannya diamana), tapi allohu itu pengingat, secara peran upayaku belum ada sepertinya :”)

Selfie pertama ekyaaa sama bundo-bundo aku. Kiri, bundo Uuun, kanan, bundo Ina. Luvluv yang memberikan banyak impuls positif pada pribadi yang kebanyakan pesimis dan ilmunya masih tipis :” Barakallahulakum! Btw ngelihat ini, kameraku lumayan juga wkwkwk

Ini ada tugas buat ngasih kalimat motivasi gitu. Eh sama Mas Akbar dikasih beginian wkwkwk. Nggak apa, paham banget, ini memotivasi banget. Tengkyu so much. Barakallah wkwkwk.

Sebab kacamataku hilang, jadi di sana sempat aku gaya-gayaan pakai kacamata Bapak Fadhli. Uwww. Sudah diniatkan pulang-pulang mau beli juga yang kaya gini, biar hitz wkwkwk nggak ding, suka aja hehehe.

Rumah-MU :”))))))))) Kok rada sedih liat bangunan ini. Sedih banget ding. Soalnya cuma sempat mengabadikan tapi belum membuat momen di sana, secara langsung. Duuuuuuh. AHIMSA!!!!

Dibonceng ukhti cantikku, Diah. Ketika kita mau mencari mangsa untuk diwawancarai demi tugas analisis sosial. Uwwww. Kita menuju Gramedia Pringsewu yang ternyata sepinya minta ampun. Nggak tahu deh harus seneng atau sedih :”) Semoga besok himsbook deh ya yang buka toko di sana dan rame, uwadawwww uwadawww jadi sebetulnya ke Pringsewu ke Lampung kemarin sekalian survey sebelum himsbook buka cabang di sana :3 Uwww yakduh utek utekanku

AAAAAA cutieeeeee buku kenangannya :3

Dont jugde my shape okey ehehehe. This is ukhti sayangku, Diah. Yang katanya baper sama ketum jogja. Aduh yah keceplosan. Yah gimana dong. Maafkan yah ya ampun omegat omegat what should i do hehehe. Becanda ding sahabat :)) Bapak Nabhan mungkin baca ini nggak sih? Kalau baca jangan baper (meskipun kemungkinannya baca kecil sih ekekek)

Okeeeee ini sahabat-sahabat panitia lokasi termantap jiwak yang selalu rajin menyiapkan segala sesuatunya untuk peserta. Yaampun :”) mereka adik-adikku yang lihatlah wajah kita kaya seumuran gitu nggak sih eh. Hehehe. Aku lupa nama salah satunya:”( Allohu ampuni aku huehue. Di sini ada Fitroh dan Qori. Semoga habis ini diridhoi untuk mengenang yang satu lagi plis plis plis ya Allah:”)

Ini di PEMDA Pringsewu. Ada jalan gitu dipenuhi orang jualan. Semacam sunmor gitu aku nangkepnya. Cuma kebanyakan jualan jajanan pasar. Ramai sekali. Ada orang senam juga. NAH terus ya sahabat, ada yg membaperkan nih di sini, ternyata ada spot perpustakaan gratis gitu. Pengelolanya beberapa dosen UIN kalau nggak salah, tapi mengatasnamakan pribadi hehehe. Keren banget dah. Mereka mengumpulkan buku, buka donasi buku juga terus buat perpustakaan gratis yang akhir-akhir ini rutin dibuka di PEMDA PRingsewu. KEren banget ga sih ada yang berjuang sebegininya untuk anak-anak kita… anak kita… anak… kita…? Yakduh, baper. Oke, gitu deh pokoknya, ekyaaaa :”)

Nih kalau mau tahu infonya atau mau cus langsung ngirim buku kalian. Bisa juga lewat kantor pos (?) eh aku lupa sih tanya aja itu ke CP nya. Pokoknya kalau nggak salah lho ya mereka udah ngadain kerjasama gitu sama kantor pos atau apa gitu yang nanti pengiriman di setiap tanggal 17 itu gratis ongkir. MasyaAllah :”) baperrr cuskan gaskan

Bundaku, bunda ina yang manis dan mungil sekali. Lihatlah aku lebih hitam darinya :”3


Adikku Luluk yang tingginya mengalahkan kakak-kakaknya, my twinnie yang cantiknya mengalahkanku sehingga bila disejajarkan kita kaya kopi susu. Okeee. Wajahku udah wajah lelah itu sahabat. Panas bats. Mana nggak ada sosok yang menyegarkan lagi. Jadinya kan pengen istirahat, pingsan aja. Duh duh duh.

Uwadawwww, this is Bunda Ina. Uwww, terus ada cowok satu nongol di belakang tuh nah yang dari tadi aku omongin, si Arman wkwkwk kok ya pas mukanya lagi spaneng. MasyaAllah kalau tahu aslinya ndak ada habis itu perut dibuat terkocok-kocok.

Tuh kan kopi susu 🙁 Why dirimu so cantiq kembaranku. Ya si Nurma ini mah emang kok ya mau-maunya dipanggil kembaran sama aku ya Alloh :”) dia dulu sih yang memulainya kwkwwk. Ini nih ya cewek cantik-cantik kalau di kelas sukanya ngeluh laper atau ngantuk, ntar kalau di kamar dihadepin sama hape udah tuh nggak bisa diganggu sebab mobile legend sudah mencuri seluruh perhatiannya. WKwkwk allohu akbar :v Oiya btw  terus akhir-akhir acara dibuat lebih ngakak waktu si Arman ditanya kepanjangannya NURMA. Hahaha, NUR is cahaya, M itu milik, A itu Arman. Allohuakbar bocah itu. Hahaha. Tapi bahagia, menghibur, menghibur.

Oke, ini niatnya mau swag swag gitu makanya tampangnya begitu. But ternyata hasilnya melas. FAILED. OKE.

Uwwww ini dengan bunda KD yang hitznya nggak usah ditanya. Pinter nyanyi, cantik, jadi model ukhti-ukhti gitu cocok bats. Pinter soal perbankan. Aku lho dari awal nanya-nanya soal hukum riba, sistem bank konvensional, dsb, ga paham blas soalnya wkwkwk. Yah, mantaplah. Kurindu uwww jadinya :”)))
Sebelum pulang, lihat sunset di atas kapal. Puas batin puas jasmani, kurang apa coba? Kurang kamu di sini. Ekya. Bukan kwkwk. Melainkan, kurang paham mau ngapain setelah ini. Allohu akbar. Bismillahirrohmanirrohim.