Being simple is the real affluence, it was a conclusion that I realized a few months a go. Friends in the photos taught me about that. They are the family of Muhammadiyah Student Association in SMA Muhammadiyah 4 Yogyakarta. This photos was taken when there was an event named FORTASI (Forum Ta’aruf dan Orientasi Siswa). Hmmm, so difficult for me to interprate it into English. But let’s say that it as simple as an event in Muhammadiyah school which be held for greeting new students.

This event is held annually, of course. In every Muhammadiyah school. But what I want to tell you now is the last event that happened in SMA Muhammadiyah 4 Yogyakarta. Because like what I have informed you before, it gave me a little inspiration. Hehe.

I will show you about this school first, from what I have known ya. So, to be honest although the payment may be a little bit expensive, but SMA Muhammadiyah 4 Yogyakarta (or in shorten we can call “Mupat”) is not a favorite school actually. In some moments when I help my friend who gets obigation in school financial problem, I can make a conclusion that this school verily has no enough fund to complete their necessary. Ugh.

I was acquainted with them in the beginning of this year. But, it feels like I am really close to this school. Hmmm. Yeah, in January, I even became a public speaker and volunteer in their events. Then, so many meeting we had there. And once more, we did it in FORTASI.

Mupat always makes me melting. Also, in this moment. They always show simple way to do anything. Simple and precious, I guess.

In the other school, I found so many luxuries to greet their new students. But, not in Mupat. The place, the costumes, the attributes, all is really simple. But, meaningful. Really!

Can you see the nametag? Yeah, it was one of the students nametag that I found. I think it was cute and creative. Might be the other school had another cool ways, but this one was really excellent. Mupat could prove that they had sincerity at greeting their new family. Eventhough perhaps they had no fund, no enough money, but they succeeded to have a great event. A meaningful event.

That day I learned new thing. That being simple is the real affluence. And Mupat did it. Wish Allah always bless you, guys. I was really touched with your spirit. Really!

Yogyakarta, 20 Muharram 1439