Hi, Knight at night,

I have a lot of thought. About you, about us. We have passed all these years, and I begin to realize that many dreams we had left in past. What we wanna do, what we wanna talk about, what we want to write. Many things, many more.

For instance,

My dream to play roller skates with Febrianna Rahma, my dream to go to the museum of Ki Hadjar Dewantara and meet Ibunda Ria Palupi, my dream to travel around Indonesia and beyond with Febria Ero, and many more.

Oh, Knight at night,

You know me as well as I do. You know, I do not want this happened to me. I am elated to have the dreams, not to forget that. This night, with you, I feel so tranquil.

Sorry for this trivial posting. I just want to practice my writing, let my words go down and find their own meaning. I hug them, kiss deeply, and say good bye.


18 Dzulqa’dah 1439


Well after writing this post, I also learn to differentiate two confusing words. They looked same, but not. “Tranquil” and “trivial”, so what are them? How to distiguish them both?

Tranquil means a comfortable and quiet atmosphere, quiet sense. On the contrary, trivial means something not really important. Hehe. Yeah, both are adjectives.

So, that is all. Thank you. Barakallah!